Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our First Blog Post

We are launching our new blog with the intention of keeping in touch with our many friends around the world, and we hope to make new friends as well.

Our interests are in the early technologies of electricity, magnetism, atomic physics, and wireless, and it is on these topics that we will be blogging.

There is much to discuss. Our current technological marvels depend on discoveries made by revered giants like Benjamin Franklin, but also on lesser-known investigators like Franklin's friend, Joseph Priestley.

Here we will be writing about our researches into the activities of interesting natural philosophers, electrical experimenters, and wireless builders. At PV Scientific Instruments, we often reproduce original experiments of our scientific forebears, which means that we first must build historically accurate reproductions of their apparatus. We'll share some of the results of these experiments with our readers.

We will begin with a weekly blog and see where that takes us. We hope that you will join us from time to time and comment on our efforts.